Belong - The Journey

We believe every Christ follower should be a contributing part of a local church family and we’re committed to helping you become a fully-devoted follower. From your initial decision to accept Jesus as your Savior to your role in changing lives, we’ll lead you through the steps to finding great fulfillment in relationships and service in the church community. 
When you start the Belong Journey, you’re making a commitment to connect to the LNLC family and to become a partner in the vision we are pursuing together. That vision is to live like Jesus and share His love. At every class, you’ll discover a different dimension where we make that vision reality and you’ll find some practical steps you can make to grow in that area.

"Classes are available every Sunday during 1st and 2nd service. The theme of each class is patterned after the four things we want all people to do: grow, commit, connect and serve."


This class guides you through the essential beliefs of every Christian who grows in their walk with Christ. You’ll learn how to begin a relationship with Jesus, how to pray, read the Bible and worship Jesus as well as learn more about water baptism and Holy Spirit baptism. This class takes place the first Sunday of the month.


This class introduces you to the history, heritage and vision of LNLC. Your local church is where you belong and contribute to its growth. When you know  where we came from and where we’re going, you can engage purposefully in all aspects of your church family, church life and vision. Topics covered in this class are why LNLC exists, what our core values are and how you can contribute. This class takes place on the second Sunday of every month.


Developing close friendships with those around you is key to growing spiritually and connecting with your church family. In this class we’ll help you discover a Connect Group that meets your needs, whether it’s a group for men, women, married couples, business people, or recreation and leisure groups. Get acquainted with the types of groups LNLC offers and also learn how to start and lead your own Connect Group. This class takes place the third Sunday of every month.


All members at LNLC are owners – they work together to serve our church family and others in the community to build the Kingdom of God. There are many opportunities to serve at LNLC. We’ll help you find the best fit by discovering how God combines your unique gifts, personality and purpose. This class takes place on the fourth Sunday of every Month.